UL, ETL and FCC: What are the Differences?

When you get a new product, you would see a label with logos such as UL, ETL, FCC and etc. Many people are just confused at the first sight of them and a number of questions bubble up. What on earth do they mean? What are the differences among them? Is any one superior than the others?

ul_original.gif      etl_original.gif       FCC.jpg

In general, they all mean that a product is approved by the National Recognized Testing Laboratory, and conforms to strict standards for electricity safety. The acronyms are spelled out below:

UL: Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

ETL: Originally a mark of ETL Testing Laboratories, now a mark of Intertek Testing Services

FCC: Federal Communications Commission

Although these logos share the same meaning that a certified product has passed certain safety standard, there are still many differences. Let me take HOLSEM products as an example and explain. If you look at the back panel of a HOLSEM product, you will see a well-marked certification label with logos such as UL, ETL, FCC and etc.


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