Outdoor furniture maintenance in daily

PE rattan: You can use a soft brush, cloth or vacuum cleaning PE rattan furniture, should prevent collision and the tip or scratch hard objects. PE rattan can moisture, anti-aging, pest control, anti-infrared, so do not be too bother in the maintenance.

Plastic parts: ordinary washing detergent can be used, pay attention not to hit a hard object, not a wire brush scrubbing.Should preventcollisions and tip or scratch hard objects, if cracking, hot-melt patches available.

Metal parts: during transport to avoid bump and scratch the surface protective layer; let stand Folding Furniture above, so as not toaffect the use of deformation folded position. Only occasional scrub with warm soapy water, do not use strong acid orstrong alkalinedetergent to clean, to avoid damage to the surface of the protective layer and rust.

Tempered glass: Do not use sharp objects percussion or impact glass corners, to avoid fragmentation; Do not wipe the glass surfacewith corrosive liquid, so as not to destroy the surface gloss; Do not use rough material to wipe the glass surface to avoid scratches.


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